Marathon raises more than 7,000 euros for Jeugdsportfonds

Marathon raises more than 7,000 euros for Jeugdsportfonds

The DLL Marathon has raised 7150 euros for the Eindhoven Jeugdsportfonds (Youthsportsfund).

A bit of a disappointment, says a spokeswoman for the foundation. They were hoping for an amount between 10 and 20 thousand euros. That was based on previous amounts raised. Last year, the marathon raised 23 thousand euros for various charities.

The fund ensures that children from Eindhoven whose parents cannot afford it, are still able to do sports. In 2015 the fund was able to help 900 children. The contribution per child, up to 225 euros, goes directly to the sports club.

According to the foundation, sports is of great importance for the development of a child. They live healthier and it prevents obesity. But they also learn to win, lose en show respect. Social life lessons where sports can really help.

Next year the marathon will raise money for the Jeugdsportfonds again. The organization of the Marathon hopes that the amount will be higher.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Cyril Chorus

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