Shattered windows at the Turkish-Dutch Foundation

Stones were thrown at the windows of the Turkish-Dutch foundation, Prisma, last weekend.

Besides damaging the building on the Tivolilaan in Eindhoven, it seems that the foundation’s personnel were threatened, quite a few times. This, according to Omroep Brabant, the Brabant regional broadcasting services. ‘On 15 July, 2016, an attempted coup had taken place, in Turkey. This led to unrest amongst part of the Turkish community. We are, therefore, worried, about the tense situation, that has arisen as a result’; mentions Murat Kazanci, Chairman of the foundation, on Facebook.

Apparently, the present atmosphere, is totally connected to the attempted military coup, which was done in order to remove the Turkish President Erdogan from his post. It seems that Turkish-Dutch residents, who sympathize with President Erdogan’s biggest political opponent, the preacher Fethulla Gülen, are now being targeted.

‘Unfortunately, since last week, we have been intimidated and threatened by certain groups. The police, as well as the security apparatus of Eindhoven Municipality, are aware of the situation’. The foundation filed a complaint at the police department. As a result, the police forces are watching the building on the Tivolilaan, more vigorously.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Galit Diepens

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