D66: No demolition of the pub ‘t Lempke on Stratumseind

The premises of cafe ‘t Lempke on Stratumseind must not be demolished, says the coalition party, D66.

According to the party, it is a memorial. It is also a part of the premises of Stratumseind, which is regarded as street with cultural and historical value. Therefore, D66 finds it incomprehensible that it is on the demolition list.

The owner of the property would like the building to be demolished because it is in very poor condition. The landlord of ‘t Lempke says it is irresponsible to allow his staff to continue to work there and therefore closed the pub.

D66 wants to know how the property could become so dilapidated. They also want to know what the city council plans to do about the situation.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Lenise Collimore

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