Waterboard De Dommel : panic situation

The Dommel Water Board has met with the crisis team to discuss the water level situations, since heavy rains are expected this afternoon and tonight. Strikingly is that now the showers will stay longer in the same place.

The water level has not yet fallen in the Kleine Dommel and its upper reaches. At the Dommel river in Sint Oedenrode they are prepared with an extra water pump.

Last weekend at the Opwettense Watermill at the Kleine Dommel, sandbags were placed against the rising water. At the Dommel by the Van Abbemuseum there is no danger of high water levels. Recently a dam was placed here to protect the museum from water damage.

Due to its location on the Dommel the museum is at risk of water damage. In 2012 the museum narrowly escaped flooding by sandbags placed at the door.

The sailing ban which De Dommel Water Board had previously set will remain in force.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Usha Shankar

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