Philips investing in new Singularity University-Eindhoven

Philips is one of the partners of the newly opened Singularity University at Strijp-S.

Philips will be investing in the new institute, the coming year, together with KPN, TMG and Deloitte. Altogether they will be investing a total sum of 3 million euros, which amounts to the yearly budget of the Singularity University.

With the establishment it is envisaged that researchers and high tech firms will collaborate to find solutions to social issues, such as a lack of proper health care, clean drinking water, food and energy shortages and climate change, by means of technological innovation. Eindhoven is the first establishment of the American Singularity University outside the US, the home base being Silicon Valley, California, home base also of tech firms Apple and Google.

Source: studio040
Translator: Jennifer den Dekker

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