Eindhoven Company aims high with durable roof installation

The Dutch company IBIS Power has found a way to make tall buildings self-sufficient. Green electricity can be produced on a large scale by placing an installation on the roof of a flat,

"At present, about five percent of all power is produced sustainable in the Netherlands. We are right at the bottom when it comes to sustainable energy in Europe," says Alexander Suma, CEO of IBIS Power. According to the CEO, his installation Power Nest is the solution in order to solve the fossil fuel question.

The installation is four meters high and produces both wind and solar energy. A turbine is constructed in the unit and the top is covered with solar panels. Wind around high buildings is led inside, the tunnel structure ensures that even a gentle breeze generates in energy. This way the construction can generate three times more energy per square meter as a normal solar panel.

Rabobank is the first company in Europe to install a Power nest on its roof. "We have high expectations. First of all a lot of cheap, sustainable energy, of course. But also a solution to the energy problem, for which so far no solution has been found," said Bas Rüter, director of sustainability at Rabobank. The next two years 25 PowerNests will be installed on companies throughout Europe, the Rabobank it is the first.

Souce: studio040
Translation: Maryanne Staal

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