Consequences ‘Brexit’ for British expats in Brainport unclear

It is still unclear if the British knowledge workers employed with Eindhoven tech firms will get into problems because of the results of the referendum ‘Brexit’.

On an annual basis, a few hundreds of British persons migrate to Eindhoven.If the United Kingdom exits the European Union, Brits will no longer will have the automatic right to be employed on the same basis as other European in the Netherlands.

Free movement of persons and services will no longer apply for Brits. But there is the possibility that with the exit being worked out, agreements will be made to deal with this situation to overcome these consequences.

The municipality of Eindhoven therefore is of the mindset that it is too early to make an estimate of the consequences and whether it will be more difficult to attract British expats according to spokesperson Martijn van Gessel.

In the case for ASML, it has about 70 employees from the United Kingdom of a total of 8,500 employees in the region. Spokesperson Niclas Mika says that it will take at least another two years after official announcement of an exit from the EU, for any changes in the legislation and new rules to take effect.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Jennifer den Dekker

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