Startup Alliance wants to support novice high tech businesses

A number of large companies in the region have joined forces in the so-called Startup Alliance, with the aim to help start high tech businesses with their growth. The plan is to eventually provide twenty new, fast-growing companies.

Companies and organizations like ASML, Brainport Development, EY, Philips and High Tech Campus are part of the alliance. They support and finance programs of HighTechXL.

HighTechXL is located on the High Tech Campus and is engaged in the promotion of small start-ups: the businesses get help to develop and to market their products and this way grow fast in a short time.

The goal is to have helped 100 of those high tech startups by the end of the decade, twenty of them should also shown rapid growth. The organization believes that If those businesses are also established at the High Tech Campus, it could mean hundreds or perhaps thousands of extra jobs for the region.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Maryanne Staal

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