Killer demos and science show in Evoluon

Philips is not the only one celebrating with its 125 year anniversary, but the Evoluon also has a reason to party on its 50th birthday. This weekend on the 14th and 15th of May the city has organized “Eindhoven vier de toekomst” (Eindhoven celebrates the Future). The Evoluon is doing its part with a Inventors Plaza and science show on sunday 15 May.

"Different things are being done to put Philips in the spotlicht", says Anton Ganzeboom, Evoluon. "The company from Eindhoven gave the Evoluon as gift to the city. They now exist 125 years. We like to celebrate that."

First of all there are the killer demos, as they are called by Philips, with products that Philips has put on the market. One of these ‘experiments’ is lifting a bowling ball with a vacuum cleaner, to show how powerfull the motor is. But there are also experiments with light and health products.

*** The inventors of the future ***
At the Inventors Plaza the youth from 12 to 18 years will get all sort of questions and experiments to find out how innovative they are. They will work together with Philips experts and the Ontdekfabriek (Discovery Factory). Ganzeboom: "Technique is fun and we want to show that by doing and think up things."

For the visitors of the Inventors Plaza there are also four science shows. Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno, from the BNN program ”Proefkonijnen’ (Guinea Pigs) will host it. "It is an interactive game show. The audience participates with lights. A kind of hat on, hat off game, but then with lights. During the show the BNN-proefkonijnen will put Philips in the spotlights in their own way. In the show the hosts will also test the new health inventions from Philips.

*** The food of the Future ***
Philips chef Martin Senders is also present in the Evoluon. The Food Plaza has as main theme "The food of the Future". Senders prepares different snacks with, for example, the Airfryer and other innovations around food and cooking. The Verspillingsfabriek (Waste Factory) will show visitors how to stop wasting food, like what you can do with old bread.

*** Companies of the Future ***
Different companies that have a link with the history of Philips will organize events. Such as ASML, VDL and Diagnostiek voor u (Diagnostics for you). They will be present in the Evoluon and give demonstration of their inventions. The Solar Team Eindhoven of the TU/e will show the energy positive family car, the Stella Lux.

The entire program in the Evoluon is on sunday 15 may from 11:00 to 17:00. The admittance is free, but you need to register for tickets (site in Dutch, but click on link and scroll to bottom of page for tickets).

Source: (author: Sharina Helderop)
Translator: Peter Marijnissen

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