HTC: the hunt is on for social engineers

A recent study commissioned by Eindhoven’s High Tech Campus found that 93% of high-tech companies prefer to recruit academically-trained staff.

More than half of the businesses polled also claimed to look specifically for socially skilled professionals. High-tech companies recruit a wide range of candidates, from college to university level. MBO graduates are also in demand, with 13% of companies surveyed looking for workers with vocational training.

Starters were found to be welcome, with more than half of companies hiring graduate technicians as well as young professionals with 6-10 years of experience.

Typically, high-tech businesses look for electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and software developers. Automotive talent as well as physicists and mathematicians are also sought after.

While they may meet the academic qualifications, candidates considered lacking in social skills are less likely to be hired in the industry. Communication skills and a team player mentality are very important, and companies want to be seen as innovative, informal, and involved.

The survey also revealed some optimism for the sector’s future, with 38% of companies predicting employment growth of up to 10% in the coming years. The role of software developers was highlighted by many companies as the key to the future.

The HTC’S Managing Director, Frans Schmetz, said "You don’t become the most innovative region just for being brilliant technicians, according to our research. Companies are also looking for people who excel socially. A study by the Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University found that 77% of innovation success is determined by social innovation such as being more flexible in your organisation, co-creation, and smarter working. High-tech companies also incorporate a lot of that."

BOOSTIQ Career Event
Technical talents from any academic and professional background are welcome at the BOOSTIQ Career Event on May 27th, from 09:30 to 17:00. The event will be held at Eindhoven’s High Tech Campus, where candidates will have the opportunity to meet with recruiters, researchers, and managers from leading companies in the Dutch high-tech industry, as well as attend lectures and presentations.

About the research
High Tech Campus Eindhoven conducted the study into recruiters from 25 high-tech companies and recruitment agencies including Philips, ASML, IBM, VDL, and Yacht. All companies surveyed will be present at the BOOSTIQ Career Event. The full list can be found at

Translation: Nicola Wood

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