Twenty finalists for Brains Award announced

The finalists of the Brain Award have been announced. A jury selected the twenty best ideas.

Students from Fontys, TU / e, Summa College, St. Luke and the Design Academy, could submit their ideas. There were different range of ideas. The ideas range from a garbage bin which can crush garbage, to a way to easily store tokens used for big concert festivals, The other idea was to shorten the time taken for showers in the bathrooms. The shower slowly gets colder if a person stands for a longer time under the shower. This idea helps to reduce the amount of water used per shower. The ideas of all nominees are available on the website of the Brain Award.

The award ceremony is on wednesday May 25 in the Great Hall of the Music Building. Studio 040 will broadcast this award ceremony live on May 25th

Translation: Usha Shankar

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