Music workshop organized for general public, young and old

Dynamo Jeugdzorg, Rock City Institute and POPEI have organized a free music workshop. The aim of the workshop is to get both the young and old acquainted with musical instruments.

POPEI wanted to organise a workshop which would be easily accessible to the general public. "Children or older persons who have never had the chance to use different musical instruments can try out different instruments during the workshop. Not everyone has either the time or the money for this, this is why we are organizing the free afternoon", according to Mirjam Sieben van POPEI.

Students from the Rock City Institute are organizing the workshops. They will take place on April 29 at Youth Centre,’t Slot at the Kastelenplein, Gestel in Eindhoven. The event starts in the afternoon at 14.30 and ends 17.30 and is free of any charges.

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