Eindhoven News media partner of “Opening International Boulevard”

Eindhoven News as the daily media channel of local news in English has become the media partner of the event marking the opening of the Vestdijk as International Boulevard.

In the run-up to the event, Eindhoven News will publish relevant information to provide audience and participants with all the details.

Also articles of participants, performers, exhibitors and event updates can be found on Eindhoven News. Online, on Facebook, LinkedIn and via Twitter.

Eindhoven News, existing since 2009, steadily grew into a professional and reliable non-profit organisation.
Daily international citizens of Eindhoven and environment can read the news about Eindhoven and environment in English. This group finds it important to know about what is happening in the place they live, study or work. Through Eindhoven News they feel more up to date and connected. The availability of local day to day news adds to integration into Dutch society.

Eindhoven News has about 15 international people residing in Eindhoven, working voluntary to deliver news, events and opinion articles to their readers.

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