Busses get new Red and White Brabant colors

The first Hermes buses with the new Brabant house style, in bright red and white colors, will soon be driving in the Eindhoven region.

Hermus is ahead of time with its contract for a new fleet of 92 buses for the province of North Brabant. Besides the red-white appearance, the interior is also restyled. There will be also be six USB connectors added, and the OV Card Readers will be moved to the windows.

The new fleet will be introduced in stages. Starting in December Hermes will be riding with 43 all-electric buses.
Within a maximum of four years electric buses will have replaced the rest of the fleet, with the exception of some intercity buses. This makes Eindhoven the first city where public transportation is not contributing to the emission of harmful CO2 and particulate matter.

Source: www.studio040.nl
Translation: Peter Marijnissen

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