Sint Lucas best in Media and Design

The Skills Talents competition are for teams of vmbo* students in their final study year. The competition took place last thursday 24 march at Neeltje Jans in Zeeland. Team Brabant Bulls represented the province of Brabant.

For the overall position Sint Lucas got fourth place, but in the categories Media & Design and Social Media the team won first place, and in the category Landscaping they won second place. Overall first place was won by team Hawks from Zuid-Holland.

Diana Vos from Sint Lucas is happy with the fourth place. "It’s a pity that we almost won, but we are proud of our achievements, especially first place for Media & Design. The team had a very original designs. The collaboration was also very good, which I thinks was the decisive factor."

The theme of the competition was ‘TV set’, and the assignments were related to this theme. They had to design a logo for a TV program, make a lettering for a director’s chair, a notebook for the director and a promo commercial for the TV program. All this in only 5 hours.

* vmbo: voorbereidend middelbaar beroepsonderwijs, literally "preparatory middle-level vocational education" for age 12 to 16.

Translation: Peter Marijnissen

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