Eindhoven sausage rolls on heritage list

Dutch made Sausage rolls (worstenbroodjes) lovers have now even more reason to applaud their humble treat. The sausage roll has been awarded its place on the Dutch list of worthwhile, unique items of immaterial cultural heritage.

Eindhoven sausage roll baker Houben is immensely proud and happy. It is a great honour for the item to be selected for the list. ‘We have been proud of our sausage rolls and I am glad that the whole country can now be proud. It is no longer something of the province of Brabant’.

‘We are going to celebrate the special honour on a large scale. This weekend we will be at a large event in Ahoy, and there will be balloons, decorations and music. We will be communicating the success of the humble sausage roll to a large audience.

Yesterday evening the certificate was handed over by Ineke Strouken, director of Kenniscentrum Immaterieel Erfgoed (Knowledge centre immaterial heritage) Nederland. Ton Poppelaars from the organization het Lekkerste Brabantse Worstenbroodje (the most delicious sausage roll Brabant) was given the special honour to receive the certificate.

The sausage roll with spiced minced meat is a old recipe item in Brabant. It used to be eaten only during festivities and parties, nowadays, it is eaten all year long and any occasion.
Every baker has his/her special way of making the sausage rolls. Mostly made with white bread dough and spiced pork minced meat. Annually about 25 million worstenbroodjes are eaten.

Source: Studio040
Translator: Jennifer den Dekker

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