Big Airbus order of 3D metal printer for Additive from Eindhoven

Young company Additive Industries, from Eindhoven, has won a large order from Airbus, to supply its first 3D metal printer.

The commission is for an eight metre long device which Airbus can use, among other, to make small, lightweight components such as mounting brackets and arm rests for the seats.

At the moment it concerns only components which Airbus is having printed, but in the end the company will be printing half the aeroplane, Daan Kersten, one of the founders of Additive Industries, told us.

His company developed the industrial metal printer over a period of three years. The start-up was helped during the process by Dutch high-tech companies, including ASML, manufacturer of chip-making machines from Veldhoven

Source: Studio040
Translation: Lizzie Kean (LinkedIn)

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