Vitalis Peppelrode gets workshop for young artists

Wouter Widdershoven and Castor Bours of studio Toer in Eindhoven temporarily work in a shipping container at Vitalis Peppelrode.

The intention is that the two artists gain inspiration for their work by meeting with the older generation. Widdershoven and Bours are the third artists of the ‘Art Block’ project: a traveling workshop in a shipping container, which provides a temporary workplace for artists at different care locations.

The first designer of Art Block was Tsjalke Bouma. He lived and worked in Vitalis Wilgenhof. Together with the inhabitants, he made a number of artworks. The second artist was Mooniq Priem. She made portraits of residents in Peppelrode.

Wouter Widdershoven and Castor Bours of studio Toer will go to Peppelrode for about a month.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Maryanne Staal

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