TUe spinoff microsurgery robot launched

The TU/e together with Maastricht UMC have launched a new spin-off company: Microsure. Microsure is developing a surgical robot which can work extremely precise. The first copy of the robot is now ready.

The surgical robot can perform certain operations more accurately than human hands. The robot is controlled by surgeons, but all movements made by the doctor, are ‘reduced’ by the robot. That way, the robot can work up to five times more accurate.

The robot will be used primarily in so-called reconstructive surgery. Tissue is then removed from one place in the body, to recover something in a different place. To reconnect all blood vessels and nerves is an ultra-precise job.

In two years the device should be ready to be actually used in operating rooms.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Maryanne Staal

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