Province takes over control Nuenen

The province intervenes in the municipality of Nuenen. An external committee will examine the administrative future of Nuenen.

An advisory committee must issue a recommendation to the county and township before summer on the most appropriate future scenario for Nuenen also in relation to municipalities in the area according to a letter by the province to the mayor of Nuenen, Maarten Houben.

The study implies an examination whether Nuenen can continue independently, or cooperation with other municipalities must be sought.

According to a previously released report, the administrative power of Nuenen is inadequate and insufficient to respond effectively to future social challenges. In addition, the town of Nuenen is part of the complex administrative environment of the nine municipalities in the Capital Region Eindhoven.

Nuenen Mayor Martin Houben said in response that the decision of the province does not come as a surprise, Omroep Brabant reports. The City Council of Nuenen meets tonight. Until then, Houben will not comment.

It has been rumbling in Nuenen politics for years. On February 4 the SP left the coalition in Nuenen. SP alderman Weijmans then handed his resignation. There was, according to his party, a breach of trust. There would have been personal and content contradictions within the board and no prospect of improvement.

With the departure of the SP the coalition has no majority in Nuenen. The other parties W70, D66 and GroenLinks together only hold eight of the nineteen seats in the council.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Maryanne Staal

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