Hope for DAF employees as employment negotiations resume

There is a chance that the strikes in DAF will soon be over.

The FNV Metal Union and the CNV Union personnel, want to further negotiate regarding a new CAO (collective employment agreement) for the metal employees. During the last weeks, the unions conveyed to their members that the negotiations had reached a deadlock. The current CAO proposals are unacceptable to the ‘metalektro’ (metal-electro) sector.

Apparently, the unions want to try once more to convince the employers organisation – FME, to respect the metal employees’ wishes and to resume the negotiations.

Strikes will continue until a CAO is reached. Last Thursday, an unannounced strike took place in DAF. It was the 10th strike day in Eindhoven. Throughout the country more than 38,000 strike days took place.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Galit Diepens

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