Hermes to run night buses during carnaval

Hermes will once again provide night buses in Eindhoven during carnaval.

Four services will operate from the Stadhuisplein:

Bus 1 towards Achtse Barrier and Blixembosch
Bus 9 towards Heesterakker and Son & Breugel
Bus 10 towards Geldrop and Nuenen
Bus 16 towards Veldhoven

Tickets for these services will cost €5,50.

Buses will depart from the Stadhuisplein every half hour from 01:15 until 04:15 on Saturday night/the early hours of Sunday, and every hour on Sunday night and Monday night (early hours of Monday and Tuesday respectively).

Routes and specific stops for each bus can be viewed here (in Dutch).

Source: Studio040
Translation: Nicola Wood

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