800 additional residences for starters and refugees

In the region of Eindhoven 800 additional residences will be built over the coming 2 years. The houses are meant for starters, refugees who have their permit approved and people who are holding a declaration of urgency.

A declaration of urgency you can get, for example, in case of divorce and having to move out of the house. This was agreed by nine cities and COA (foundation for refugee shelter).

In the coming years there is an increasing need for rental accommodation. Especially the amount of refugees will increase as many will receive their residential permit. With this agreement the corporations and the cities want to avoid issues on the housing market. If there are hardly new houses built there is a chance of suppress, this means that refugees with a permit will receive priority over the other people. This is something currently not happening.

The houses will be built in and around Eindhoven. At this moment there are no concrete plans yet. Most likely there will be housing built in old schools and offices. In Eindhoven mainly housing for 1 person will be built, while in the surrounding cities family housing will be created.

The refugees with a permit will be guided when moving, they are being informed on what it means to live in a Dutch environment, like putting out the trash (green and grey container) and doing groceries. There will be gatherings in community centers, where all people, refugees and non refugees can meet.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Eva Nuwenhoud

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