Woenselse Poort starts with self-score app for clients

A special app helps fugitives on parole with self-assessment during their treatment. TBS (preventive detention) clinic Woenselse Poort in Eindhoven, is going to work with this special app, which is called ‘self-score’.

‘Woenselse Poort’ has developed the app with the help of Pompe Foundation. The goal is to give fugitives an insight in their treatment, and also to make the communication easier and efficient between fugitives and parole officers.

By answering various questions, the fugitives literally make a picture of their progress. In several areas, their aggression for example, they can see how close they are in reaching their goal. They can compare the pictures they made earlier and thus this provides insight into what progress has been made.
Tomorrow the Woenselse Poort and Pompe foundation will present their new app in Forensic Festival.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Usha Shankar

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