Eindhoven designates seven new landmarks

The municipality of Eindhoven has designated seven new city landmarks. These landmarks, listed below, will be protected in accordance with their value to the city.

– A former pharmacy at Aalsterweg 136-138
– An energy centre at Beukenlaan/Zwaanstraat
– The chapel at the De Burgh house at Geldropseweg 170
– A businesses premises at Hallenweg 1-7c
– Shops and upper floor apartments at Jan van Riebeecklaan 70-78
– The technical school at Piuslaan 93
– A villa at Vesaliuslaan 13

These buildings are from the reconstruction period between 1940 and 1970, when Eindhoven was the fastest growing city in the Netherlands.

Protecting buildings as landmarks means they cannot be torn down or changed. They can, however, be adapted and equipped for new functions. The Natlab cultural centre, located at Strijp-S, is a municipal landmark and former laboratory.

The municipality is in talks with construction protection foundation Stichting Bescherming Wederopbouw Eindhoven regarding additional buildings it wants to designate for protection. The outcome of these talks is expected in April.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Nicola Wood

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