TU/e campus no training area for drivers without a license

The TU/e campus is not a training area for motorists without a driving license. This warning issued by TU/e is addressed mainly to internationals on the site, who may not be aware of the fact that the campus roads are public roads and are hence governed by the Road Traffic Act (Wegenverkeerswet).

This message is occasioned by several incidents involving Chinese TU/e employees and students, who were driving a car on the site without a driving license – and without a driver education car and driving instructor.

An employee from the Department of Electrical Engineering recently set the ball rolling, says Mirjam Jahnke, head of Safety & Security at TU/e. "Several times he had already seen people driving around on campus who had little or no driving experience." How he arrived at that conclusion? Jahnke, laughing: "It was clear from the way they were driving".

Jahnke hopes that in the immediate future she can reach all internationals, among others via the secretariats of all TU/e departments, in order to point out to this target group in particular that the status of the campus is a public one, which is therefore subject to the applicable traffic rules. In this way she hopes to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Source: www.tue.nl
Edited by: Hanny van Belkom

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