Five months imprisonment for car burglar Eindhoven Airport

Five months imprisonment for opening by force of cars in the parking area of Eindhoven Airport. This punishment was issued to a Rotterdam’s resident, since he is allegedly, a member of a gang which systematically, forced open cars in the parking area.

According to ED – (Eindhoven’s daily newspaper), the man was apprehended by the military police, due to a special action aimed at car burglars. It seems that in each car burglary, the car broken into, was either an Audi or a Volkswagen. Furthermore, each time the car’s navigation system was stolen at the same method of operation.

Previously, the Rotterdam’s resident was almost apprehended. However, he managed to escape, following an extremely dangerous car chase. During his arrest, fragments of an Audi, and burglary tools were found among his possessions.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Galit Diepens

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