Political opinion: no halving CKE subsidy

Subsidy to CKE (Centrum voor de Kunsten) must not be cut in half, according to a large majority of Eindhoven politicians.

A new plan for the culture sector in Eindhoven recommends cuts of millions in CKE subsidy. The plan was drawn up by Stichting Cultuur, a new, independent foundation set up to distribute subsidies to culture in the city. The foundation is of the opinion that many of the music and dance lessons in the CKE curriculum could be offered just as well by private teachers, unsubsidised.
Most of the political parties in the Municipal Council believe that CKE is essential to amateur arts in Eindhoven. According to, among other, the PvdA, SP, ChristenUnie and CDA, halving the subsidy would mean a grave impoverishment of the supply. They are also concerned that people with less money to spare will find it more difficult to take music and theatre lessons. The political parties also feel that CKE has already had to cut costs drastically in recent years.
D66 is one of the few parties which are in favour of halving the CKE budget. The coalition party believes that many market parties could easily fill the space then left by CKE. However, the party adds that CKE would have to be given time to apply the cuts.
Stichting Cultuur Has plans for the entire culture sector, and the distribution of 21 million euros in subsidies. With the exception of the CKE proposal, the plans can expect political approval. The foundation wants more opportunities for new initiatives and experimental art in the city. They also want to see more young people being involved, for example by way of urban culture.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Lizzie Kean (LinkedIn)

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