High Tech Campus global benchmark for Dutch innovation

On 19 November 2015, the Inscope research institute at Erasmus University Rotterdam announced the findings of the annual Erasmus Competition and Innovation Monitor. Dutch companies are becoming more and more innovative.

They found that High Tech Campus Eindhoven is outperforming the others in all the innovation types. They show very high scores on radical innovation, incremental innovation, but also social innovation. Many innovation studies are based on a calibrated scale which measures investment in research and development. But they call this invention rather than innovation.

They conclude that the success of Eindhoven has got out in many foreign circles. Now more places in the Netherlands are needed to reach the benchmark achieved by the High Tech Campus. Because there are other important sectors where there is expertise, such as energy and logistics. Areas like the Port of Rotterdam now understand that this collaborative approach is the way forward. But they are still several years behind in their development of a local trusted ecosystem and active implementation of the triple helix partnerships.

Source & photo: hightechcampus.com
Editing for Eindhoven News: Chuan Nie

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