German bus coaches from Eindhoven to Groningen and Enschede

The number of journeys by Flixbusses is greatly expanded. The German company behind the Flixbus is providing rides From Eindhoven to Apeldoorn, Groningen and Enschede. On a number of new routes, the buses will ride eight times a day.

The company says customers can travel cheaper and faster to reach other cities than NS (national railway). On the route from Eindhoven to Enschede, this bus expects business travelers to reach 45 minutes earlier than NS. The ticket is only nine euros compared with 25 euros with a regular train, reports the NOS (Dutch broadcasting service).

The Flixbusses are already coming to Eindhoven. They have international routes. They are riding to Antwerp and Brussels as destinations. With a stop over, starting from Eindhoven one can also reach Paris and Lille with these busses.

The long distance buses may now only ride on routes where there is no direct train connection. Once a stop-over connection is necessary, buses are allowed to drive.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Usha Shankar

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