Emergency shelter for 200 refugees in Nuenen

The Nuenen municipality announced that sports hall De Hongerman will provide emergency shelter for 200 refugees.

Next Tuesday the refugees will arrive in Nuenen. For 72 hours, the asylum seekers will all be assembled there. After a few days the refugees from Nuenen will be brought to a permanent reception centre.

The asylum seekers will stay in the sports hall. De Hongerman will have constant security. There will also be food, drink and bedding provided. The provision for an interpreter has also been made. The refugees will be asked to remain as much as possible in the sports hall.

Local residents and business owners in the area have been informed of this via a letter. Nuenen residents who have any questions can contact an information centre next Thursday night in the Klooster (convent) in the center.

To make sure the shelter is properly managed, there is a joint team of the municipality, the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum seekers and the Red Cross. The municipality says it has a moral obligation to shelter refugees because the situation of the asylum seekers is worrisome, with a severe shortage of reception centers.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Aditi Chatterji

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