New Eindhoven gingerbread nut shop has over 50 kinds

A store with nothing but ‘pepernoten’ (gingerbread nuts) opens in the ‘Vershal’ (fresh food market hall) Het Veem at Strijp-S this weekend. Over 50 kinds of gingerbread nuts will be sold in the shop.

Besides the usual varieties, there are also gingerbread nuts with raspberry, syrup, tiramisu and truffle-cinnamon flavours. The store is owned by the largest gingerbread nut manufacturer in the world: Van Delft in Harderwijk. They own a gingerbread nut shop in Amsterdam as well.

The ‘Vershal’ opens its doors for the first time this weekend. This is going to take place during the DDW.

Source: Studio040
Translated by: Hanny van Belkom

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