80DR: Around the world in 80 days on electric TU/e motor bike

In a race inspired by French author Jules Verne’s book ‘Around the World in 80 days’, students of the Eindhoven University of Technology are getting ready to go around the world in 80 days on an electric motorbike.

They have worked over a year to complete an innovative battery-electric motorcycle with a range of 380 kilometres. The candidate 80 Day Race team prepares a first 26.000-kilometre trip next year.

Earlier this week STORM Eindhoven has unveiled world’s first electric touring motorcycle. A group of 30 students from the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands.

As explained by team member Texas van Leeuwenstein in the video, electric mobility sometimes has a dull image and they really want to show otherwise, by taking part in the race they want to prove that sustainability is an option for the future.

The start of 80 Day Race will be the start of a new era. In 1872 fossil fuels for the first time made it possible to travel around the world in less than 80 days. Now we are at a new tipping point in history where new technology for the first time allows us to go around the world in less than 80 days without the use of fossil fuel.

Mobility is changing rapidly and will have to develop even faster with the diminishing supply of conventional fuel. The best way to push and stimulate development is through worldwide competition. Introducing new technology and products to the bigger audience gain the most positive results when presented in association with an exciting or fun experience.

The teams will start in Paris and will be heading east in the direction of China. Each team is free to choose its own route between the stopover cities, to make the adventure even greater. From Asia, the teams will cross the North Pacific Ocean to arrive at the west coast of North America where the half way mark will be celebrated. Teams race through a variety of landscapes towards South America final stop, before heading back to Europe. From there, a short leg – which provides terrific broadcasting possibilities – will complete the circumnavigation.

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