VVD: Is privacy in youth care institutions sufficiently protected

The VVD political party wonders whether confidential information in youth care institutions is sufficiently protected in Eindhoven. The VVD is addressing the council on this issue.

Youth care is presently the municipality’s responsibility. An article in the NRC newspaper from last week mentioned that apparently, information exchanged between various municipalities regarding youth care is not well protected. For example, youth psychologists and therapists use regular mail and e-mail to correspond about confidential information.

The VVD requests clarity as to how this issue is being handled in Eindhoven municipality. How is the exchange of confidential information being done between the municipality and the youth carers and is private and sensitive information kept confidential?

The municipality is required by law to take steps to ensure that confidential information is well protected.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Galit Diepens

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