Refugees move into barrack in Oirschot

The first refugees moved into de Ruyter van Steveninck barracks in Oirschot, near Eindhoven Airport.

Refugees move into barracks in Oirschot
The barracks form a temporary accommodation for 500 refugees, mainly from Syria. The army was mobilised to accompany the buses full of refugees into the barracks. There are usually 3000 men and women at work in the barracks.
The location in Oirschot was designated to cope with the enormous influx of asylum seekers. The refugees were originally to have been accommodated in a barracks in Weert, however the Council wants first to talk to local residents.
In Zwolle, too, there is emergency accommodation, in the IJsselhallen.
Source: Studio040
Translation: Lizzie Kean (LinkedIn)

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