‘Lichtjesroute’ café in the Hub

From 18 September up to 11 October tens of thousands of people will visit the ‘Lichtjesroute’ (tour of lights). This free event is really ‘for and by’ people from Eindhoven but many expats living in the region also very much enjoy the event.

They show their involvement in this tradition in Eindhoven at the Hub located at the Vestdijk, by organising a special ‘Lichtjesroute café’ every Friday and Saturday night.

The Hub is the central meeting place for expats living in the Eindhoven area. "Of course internationals see the sparkling lights of our Lichtjesroute," says chairman Ivo Baijens. "They think it is wonderful and wonder what story is behind it. This is also evident from the fact that the English-language audio guide at www.lichtjesroute-Eindhoven.nl is downloaded more often than the English version. Expats are proud that ‘their’ Eindhoven celebrates the liberation with a free event of lights which is for the young and old to enjoy. They like to be more engaged in this event. That is how the idea of opening the Lichtjesroute café came up."

The Hub hopes it will become a real meeting point during the Lichtjesroute. "The place is located centrally and is a perfect starting point for the route," said Ivo. It is recognizable to visitors and they are welcome to have a drink. This way the local visitors also get to know the international inhabitants of the city. It is a nice way of the Hub to contribute in a modern way to getting to know each other. "Knowledge and understanding each other is the basis for peace and freedom!"

Translation: Eindhoven News
Picture: Johan Plateijn

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