Eindhoven to take in more asylum seekers

A large majority voted to offer additional shelter for refugees at a city council meeting Tuesday evening.

Eindhoven’s police department had previously highlighted the ongoing plight of many refugees still seeking a place to stay. Most council members agreed that the city has enough space to accommodate further migrants, in addition to the 700 already housed at the Orangerie in Blixembosch.

Opposition parties Leefbaar Eindhoven, VVD (liberal party), the LPF (right), and some of the CDA (Christian Democratic Appeal) argued that Eindhoven has already fulfilled its obligations with the Orangerie. They also fear that the growing number of asylum seekers may cause unrest, putting pressure on city facilities such as low-cost housing.

Alderman Torunoglu will meet with local housing associations to discuss where additional migrants can be housed. At the request of the city council, the possibility of making the Orangerie a permanent asylum shelter will be investigated. It will remain a temporary centre for a period of 2 years.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Nicola Wood

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