Eindhoven lady collecting baby carriers for refugees

Nathalie Cetindere, a lady from Eindhoven started a campaign to collect all kinds of baby carriers to carry babies and small children of refugees from Syria, who are arriving in southern Europe. She is doing this in her shop ‘Hip and Green’, in Woensel.

The campaign is increasing in popularity, she says. "It really starts to get going. People are going up the attic to search if they still have slings or baby carriers lying around. I am expecting many more to receive," says Nathalie.

She has created a facebook event, to announce when the wraps can be handed in: September 12, is the main collection day. Although people can bring in their donation before of course.

The idea is originally not from Cetindere herself. A yoga studio from Amsterdam started it. After seeing that Nathalie decided to do her part. On 18 September, all collected baby slings will be brought to Lesvos, in order to be distributed among refugees. There will be a baby carrier consultant present, to explain how the slings should be used.

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