Test to deal with truck ‘trains’ at A67

A practical test is needed on the A67 (Eindhoven-Venlo) to better cope with convoy formation of trucks. This concludes the ANWB (national automobile association) in response to a membership survey.

Trucks regularly form ‘trains’ on motorways and this phenomenon can complicate safety and traffic flow. During the test it could improve the interaction between drivers of passenger cars and trucks.

In May, the ANWB posed the problem of entry and exit on the highway at train formations of trucks on the agenda and asked motorists to come up with suggestions for improval. There was a massive response: there were about 2,000 replies from both car drivers and truckers.

There were some useful ideas.
"Keep distance", was expressed the most. Many people suggested to paint proper markings on the road to help drivers indicate the proper distance in between, as they do in France. And the police may keep a better eye on the motorists, was also a often heard comment.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Usha Shankar

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