Problems with rats in Woensel spread

Once again, rats have become a nuisance. Residents of Woensel have been putting up with the problem for years. The problem existed for some time in Acht, Achtse Barrier and Blixembosch, but has now spread to include Woenselse Heide and De Tempel, where rats are regularly being seen.

Pest control operator Paul van der Kam, of Alpha Protect confirms that there has been an increase in numbers of rats, and therefore also in the problems they cause: "In recent months, we have received many more reports than usual, especially from Woensel-Noord."

According to residents of De Tempel, the rubbish littering the streets is largely responsible for the nuisance. There is irritation in De Achtse Barrier too. "The Municipal Council does nothing to help", says one resident, "their response is that I should tell my neighbour to get rid of her pet rabbit, because the rats are attracted by the rabbit food, it’s ridiculous."

The Municipal Council previously indicated that it regarded the residents as being responsible for the rat problems. It did organise meetings to offer tips for prevention. However, the residents feel that the Municipal Council should do more to help them.

Source: Studio040
Translation: Lizzie Kean

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