Bust on three growshops, owners arrested

The police raided three growshops in Eindhoven. The owners of two shops and an employee of the third have been arrested.

They are the growshops at the Visserstraat, the Waldeck Pyrmontstraat and Debussystraat.

The police have seized equipment with which hemp farms can be cultivated, at all of the three shops. Also tens of thousands of euros were confiscated.

At the Debussytraat in particular it was about large quantities: eight to nine pallets were transported. At the grow shop the Visserstraat also a sum of several tens of thousands of euros was confiscated.

The owners of the shops at the Waldeck Pyrmontstraat and Visserstraat are arrested. From the latter, the police also seized the money. Furthermore, the cars of the two are confiscated.

Since March 1, it is an offence to prepare for the cultivation of hemp. Police and Justice can therefore intervene before actual hemp plants are grown. The law also makes it possible to tackle grow shops and landlords of hemp buildings.

Source: Studio040
Translation by: Maryanne Staal

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