Politics: no closure ice rink, first research

The Eindhoven politics want the IJssportcentrum to remain open for the time being. Firstly they need to examine how to maintain the ice rink with less subvention from the municipality.

Opposition parties VVD (liberal democrats), CDA (Christian democratic party) and Ouderen Appel (elders appeal) are fiercely opposed to the plan of Alderman Van Kaathoven to close the ice rink. They want the alderman to withdraw the proposal. Thousands of skaters and ice hockey players enjoy the facility, the city should not deprive this, the groups found.

The coalition parties GroenLinks (green left), D66 (democrats) and PvdA (labour party) find that smart solutions should be examined. These should help keep the rink open, with less subvention from the municipality. They find that more alternatives should be looked into such as more events in the IJssportcentrum or sustainable use of the building. The coalition parties do agree that the rink is too expensive to maintain this way.

Tonight and last week hundreds ice sporters came to City Hall to protest. Four years ago they also protested, when the previous governance wanted to close the rink. Successfully, because the plan was then withdrawn.

Source: Studio040

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