Closing IJssportcentrum feels like a ‘death knell’

The decision by the municipality to close the IJssportcentrum (ice rink) came as a “death knell” for the ice hockey foundation (Stichting TOP IJshockey Eindhoven (STIJE)). The foundation said this in an open letter.

The foundation complained about the manner in which the municipality has carried out the decision. The municipality is referring to themselves as ambitious. The foundation thinks that this image is implausible.

The foundation believes a decision to close the centre will lead to unrest among supporters of all ice associations.

It emphasizes that ice sports are a thriving community. It is incorrect to consider the IJssportcentrum up to now as merely ‘a cost’.

Last week there was a meeting with councilor Bianca van Kaathoven. But it turned out that the municipality had inaccurate and incomplete figures and a shaky foundation of assumptions, it says in the letter.

May 19 there will be a public consultation meeting at the City Hall. Then all parties have the possibility to speak their opinion.

Source: Studio040

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