Politics behind ‘Skaeve Huse’

There will be coming twelve ‘Skaeve Huse’ at industrial estate Croy in the city quarter ‘Gestel’. The City Council indicated this on Tuesday night.

Skaeve Huse are homes for anti-social people who can’t live in a normal residential area because of their behaviour. There is much protest against the arrival of the homes from the areas at Croy and entrepreneurs in the industrial area.

The Eindhoven City Council finds that the houses should be provided. From the social point of view, but also to put less pressure on the quality of life in residential areas.

A number of political parties is not happy with the plan, like ‘Leefbaar Eindhoven’. This party believes that Croy is the wrong place for the Skaeve Huse. The apartments and houses will be located right next to a busy highway.

Entrepreneurs will go to court if the City Council gives final green light for the Skaeve Huse on Croy. Travel company Vacansoleil has already indicated to move from Eindhoven if the aso-houses will be built there.

Source: Studio040

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