Demonstration self-driving trucks in Automotive Week

DAF and TNO demonstrate their self-driving truck on the N270 in Helmond today. The demonstration is part of the Automotive Week which started today.

With "2-Truck Platooning" two trucks drive at a short distance behind each other with the technology of automated driving. The driver of the second truck does not brake or accelerate and even steering is done automatically.

This is unprecedented in the Netherlands. As the trucks drive as close to each other as possible, 10% fuel is saved and therefore also less CO2 emissions.

Minister of Infrastructure and Environment, Mrs Schultz van Haegen and the Belgian Federal Minister of Transport, Mrs Jacqueline Galant will be present at the demonstration.

A lot of work is still to be done in terms of legislation and accountability, but it is expected that in 2020 the first trucks with this technique will drive on the Dutch highways.

Source: Studio040

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