UWV: ‘Again positive growth labour market’

The labour market in the Eindhoven region is getting better again this year. This becomes evident from last year’s unemployment figures.

According to UWV (public employment service) growth will sustain in almost all sectors. Also, the number of unemployment benefits decreased since three years.

Especially in the construction sector, the number of jobs is growing now. Michel van Smoorenburg of UWV: ‘Especially in new housing; five thousand jobs arose.’ However this growth should be viewed in perspective, because according to the public employment service the construction industry is far from its old level. ‘It seems they are away from hitting rock bottom now, but they have a way to go.’

Also catering and temporary work agencies do well in this region. Compared to two years ago, employment in these sectors increased; more than eight and nine per cent fewer benefits.

Unfortunately, the numbers are not good everywhere. Despite improvements, in some sectors it is still hard. The number of unemployment benefits in ‘care’ increased last year with 13%.

However, the UWV likes to stress that they are positively surprised since five years. ‘Five thousand unemployment benefits less than we expected.’

Source: Studio040

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