Nicole van den Hurk case in court again

The 47-year-old man from Helmond who is suspected of killing an Eindhoven female resident, Nicole van den Hurk appeared before the court again, according to Omroep Brabant.

Job Knoesters, who is the lawyer of the accused identified as Jos de G., had served a recusal request. That was rejected by the court and the case continued today with the same judges.

Nicole van den Hurk was reported missing nineteen years ago, and two months after her case was filed, her body was found in the woods near Mierlo.

Earlier this year, the 47-year-old Jos de G. was identified as a suspect. The traces found on the body of Van den Hurk match his DNA. He is suspected of rape and murder. Shortly after he got arrested, it was clear that he was suffering from personality disorder.

Source: Studio040

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