Catharina’s dermatologists: No fraud committed

The four Catharina Hospital’s (Catharinaziekenhuis) dermatologists were exonerated by the court. Apparently, the hospital’s spokesperson(s) hinted, unjustifiably, during a press conference that the four were discharged due to fraud activities. According to Omroep Brabant (Brabant’s broadcasting company) this was, absolutely, not the case.

It seems there was a conflict between the hospital and the dermatologists about establishing a cosmetic treatments practice for uninsured patients within the hospital’s premises. According to the hospital’s authorities, there was absolutely no permission granted for this initiative. Ultimately, the hospital reached a decision to put a definite stop to the dermatology corporation

Moreover, an arbitration judge has already established that the hospital was not permitted to take such drastic steps. Therefore, they were liable to reimburse the dermatologists substantially for the annulment of the existing agreements.

During a press conference about this affair, the hospital’s spokesperson(s) implied that the dermatologists committed fraud by establishing the above-mentioned practice. This was, of course, totally unacceptable to the dermatologists, as they were already previously exonerated by the court. As a result, the hospital authorities appealed and once again lost their case, since the dermatologists were again exonerated.

Source: Studio040

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