Carnaval in Eindhoven

A few days to go and Eindhoven will be changed into a busy melting pot of ‘strange’ music, funny decorations, dressed up people, tipsy people and a colourful parade. 5 Days long, from February 13 to February 17, and this is called ‘Carnaval’.

For this occasion Eindhoven is called ‘Lampegat’ (light bulb city), the Carnaval nick name, as every town and village in Brabant and Limburg has a Carnaval nick name (mostly to do with the history of the town).

In Eindhoven Carnaval is well celebrated by local people as well as people from ‘outside’ do come to town to behave differently for 5 days. These are the days to let-it-all-go.

Many organised activities take place with the ‘optocht’ (parade) on Saturday as a highlight. See this link for the route.

The ‘Markt’ is the central place of Carnaval besides parties in all pubs and cafes around Eindhoven. Every day has a different theme in Eindhoven like ‘Malle Maandag’ (Mad Monday) and Dolle Dinsdag (Crazy Tuesday) for example.

Just check it out, for adults and children (Sunday is children’s day in Eindhoven centre). This year’s theme is: ‘Blij da ge d’r bent!!’ (Happy you are here!!), so join in, there is nothing else to do anyway, all companies and shops are closed during Carnaval.

For more info check this website or this one:

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