Salt spraying of roads “2.5 times around the world”

Rijkswaterstaat, the organisation that takes care of the salt spraying of roads, sprayed over 106,000 kilometers of roads in the Netherlands, with a total distance of “2.5 times around the world”, they said on twitter.

Rijkswaterstaat have salt sprayed the main roads in anticipation for the snow that happened overnight last weekend from Friday 22:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs Saturday afternoon.

The organisation sprayed approximately 11.5 million pounds of salt on the Dutch highways, a clearing process to keep the roads from icing. A total of 1,200 men were deployed to clear and spray the roads.

Throughout the day, a spokeswoman added, the organisation continued to shovel and spray until Saturday evening, east of the country.

Despite the measures several accidents were reported, including a vehicle roll-over.

Source: Studio040

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